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Windows Password Recovery


This explains how to change the windows password using an Ubuntu live CD. I used the Ubuntu 8.10.

First of all we need to uncoment the universe repositories to install some packages:

On file /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb intrepid universe
deb-src intrepid universe
sudo apt-get install chntpw

The windows passwords are stored in the SAM file located in Windows/System32/config. Change the directory to Windows/System32/config by

cd /media/xp/Windows/System32/config

Since the path is case sensitive you may get an error saying No such file or directory.Open the above path in the Nautilus File Manager and make a note of the Uppercase and Lowercase characters.Sometime the Windows folder might be named as windows with a lowercase w or as Windows with an uppercase W.

Once you are in the config folder execute the following commands in terminal


It display the list of files in the Config folder.Make sure a file called SAM is present.

To display the list of users execute the following command at terminal.

chntpw SAM -l

To change the password of the Administrator account execute the following command at terminal.

chntpw SAM

And follow instructions on the screen to reset or change and press the appropriate key.Example press 1 to reset the password.

Thats it. Now restart and boot into Windows and log into the Administrator Account without any problems.