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To make a complete copy from one folder to the other:

rsync --include=".*" -avv origin/ destination/

To check if the content is the same:

gerard@gerard-laptop:~$ diff -ru Desktop/ backup-Desktop/
diff -ru Desktop/.test backup-Desktop/.test
--- Desktop/.test	2010-03-01 11:09:38.674690154 +0100
+++ backup-Desktop/.test	2010-03-01 11:24:47.378688571 +0100
@@ -1 +1 @@

To check which files will be transfered:

rsync -navi FOTOS/ /media/gerard/TOSHIBA\ EXT/20180411_SAMSUNG_RSYNC/FOTOS/ | more
sending incremental file list
.d...p..... ./
.d...p..... 20110415_A/
.d...p..... 20110415_A/100NCD60/


The general format is like the string YXcstpoguax, where Y is
              replaced by the type of update being done, X is replaced by the file-type, and the other letters represent attributes that  may
              be output if they are being modified.

              The update types that replace the Y are as follows:

              o      A < means that a file is being transferred to the remote host (sent).

              o      A > means that a file is being transferred to the local host (received).

              o      A c means that a local change/creation is occurring for the item (such as the creation of a directory or the changing of
                     a symlink, etc.).

              o      A h means that the item is a hard link to another item (requires --hard-links).

              o      A . means that the item is not being updated (though it might have attributes that are being modified).

              o      A * means that the rest of the itemized-output area contains a message (e.g. "deleting").

              The file-types that replace the X are: f for a file, a d for a directory, an L for a symlink, a D for a device, and a S  for  a
              special file (e.g. named sockets and fifos).

              The  other  letters  in the string above are the actual letters that will be output if the associated attribute for the item is
              being updated or a "." for no change.  Three exceptions to this are: (1) a newly created item replaces each letter with a  "+",
              (2)  an  identical  item  replaces the dots with spaces, and (3) an unknown attribute replaces each letter with a "?" (this can
              happen when talking to an older rsync).

              The attribute that is associated with each letter is as follows:

              o      A c means either that a regular file has a different checksum (requires --checksum) or that a symlink, device,  or  spe-
                     cial  file has a changed value.  Note that if you are sending files to an rsync prior to 3.0.1, this change flag will be
                     present only for checksum-differing regular files.

              o      A s means the size of a regular file is different and will be updated by the file transfer.

              o      A t means the modification time is different and is being updated to the sender's value (requires --times).   An  alter-
                     nate  value  of  T  means  that  the  modification time will be set to the transfer time, which happens when a file/sym-
                     link/device is updated without --times and when a symlink is changed and the receiver can't set its time.   (Note:  when
                     using an rsync 3.0.0 client, you might see the s flag combined with t instead of the proper T flag for this time-setting

              o      A p means the permissions are different and are being updated to the sender's value (requires --perms).

              o      An o means the owner is different and is being updated to the sender's value (requires  --owner  and  super-user  privi-

              o      A  g  means the group is different and is being updated to the sender's value (requires --group and the authority to set
                     the group)

              o      The u slot is reserved for future use.

              o      The a means that the ACL information changed.

              o      The x means that the extended attribute information changed.

After that we only need to do:

rsync -avh FOTOS/ "/media/gerard/TOSHIBA EXT/20180411_SAMSUNG_RSYNC/FOTOS/"